Operator-centric system development is key to the design and implementation of software that not only meets the requirements of the stakeholders, but most importantly is easily usable by the target operator in a deployed environment. While standard system validation processes such as the vetting of a robust CONOPS and the utilization of Operator "Free Play" testing help incorporate User Experience (UX) issues into software design, Waveform Logic examines the use of cutting-edge UI technology as well.

Options for employing UI across the "reality spectrum" from Augmented Reality to full Virtual Reality have become more technologically feasible for production systems at TRL9 rather than relegated to research efforts. Waveform Logic explores the application of these technologies in a variety of DoD and commercial environments.



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  •  Platforms
    • HTC Vive
    • Google Tango
    • Oculus Rift
    • Microsoft HoloLens
    • Unity Development environment